Avril's Beester egg

Beehive Chocolate Egg Cover (fits a Kinder egg)

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Pair 3mm needles
DK yarn in brown, yellow and black


Rows 1-4: Using 3mm needles and DK yarn cast on 24 sts and work 4 rows in K1, P1 rib.

Row 5: Knit

Row 6: Purl

Row 7: *K2, kfb*, repeat to  end of row (32 sts)

Row 8: Knit

Row 9: Purl

Row 10: K3, kfb*, repeat to end of row (40  sts)

Row 11: Knit

Row 12: Purl

Rows 13 and 14: Knit

Repeat Rows 12 to 14  6 times

Row 33: Purl

Row 34: *K2, k2tog*, repeat to end of row (30 sts)

Row 35: Knit

Row 36: Purl

Row 37: *K1, k2tog*, repeat to end of row (20 sts)

Row 38: Knit

Row 39: Purl

Row 40: K2tog to end of row (10 sts)

Row 41: Knit

Row 42: P2 tog to end of row (5 sts)

Row 43: K2 tog, k1, k2tog. (3 sts)

Row 44:  Slip 1, k2tog, psso.

Fasten off and cut yarn leavjng a long enough end to sew up side seam.

Stitch side seam (back stitch).


Using 3 mm or smaller double pointed needles and thin black yarn, cast on 3 sts.

Row 1: Kfb in each st. (6 sts)

Row 2: *K1, kfb* 3 times (9 sts)

Row 3: Using yellow, knit. Slide the stitches to the other end of the needle.

Row 4: Using black, knit.

Row 5: Purl. Slide the stitches to the other end of the needle

Row 6: Using yellow, purl.

Row 7: Using black, knit.

Row 8: Purl.

Row 9: *K2 tog, k1* 3 times (6 sts)

Row 10: Purl.

Row 11: K2 tog. 3 times (3 sts)

Draw yarn through remaining sts and fasten off. Sew body seam, using any ends for stuffing, or insert a tiny bit of toy stuffing.


Using a small crochet hook and thin white yarn, make a 20 st. chain and join in a circle.  Fold in half, making two loops. Sew to body by stitching in the middle, and attach to top of hive.