I am not a pattern writer and very rarely write down instructions for what I make so this is just a guide and you may wish to do things differently. I made flower baskets but you could make bees by working in stripes or yellow and black and adding eyes and wings.


I used scraps of DK yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet hook.


Make a magic circle and work 6 dc into it. Work 2 Double crochet (dc) in each stitch on 1st round. (If your chair legs are thin, you can start with a smaller chain.) (24 sts)

Work 1 dc into the back loop only of each stitch on the 2nd round (this marks the edge of the base of the sock). (24 sts)

Work about 6 more rounds in dc (more if you want them longer).

Work a round of eyelets, e.g. (1 treble, Chain 1, miss 1 chain) to the end. (24 sts – 12 trebles)

Work a couple more rows in dc (24 stitches) and fasten off.

Make a chain cord or use ribbon to thread through the eyelet holes and tie them to fit the chair legs.